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accept and e-sign contracts

Send customers Estimates with contracts and get notified when they are accepted and signed.

manage your sales leads

Keep track of the status each sales lead is in. Add notes and activities to keep a log of actions your team takes to close a deal.

manage work orders

Know when employees start and finish work orders. View actual time employee spent per job. Keep track of each job status.

stay on top of team's activities

Create custom categories for your activities to track the work your team does. Assign and reassign activities between the team members for more productivity. Receive a notification and an email when an activity is created to stay informed.

automation is the key

Once your sales rep closes the deal, all prospect’s data is converted to customer information and is ready to use. All customer forms, documents and related transactions are put together in one customer profile page--all done automatically.

smart calendar for scheduling

Use Activities to schedule Work Orders, sales appointments, employee vacation, and more on the Velox Calendar. Set reminders and receive notifications of scheduled events.

Why choose velox?

Velox is designed to connect all business activities into one platform, enhanced with smart tools, it enables you to manage customers, employees, vendors--all from one place.

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